Journal of Nursing Practices and Research
Finalizing your special issue

Finalizing your special issue :

● Once all the papers for the Special Issue have been accepted, the following information must be finalized by the Guest Editors.

Scanning the Issue

Written by the Guest Editors, Scanning the Issue introduces the issue to the readers and briefly reviews the contents of each paper. It should:

Introduce the topic to the reader and provide rationale for why this Special Issue is timely.

Provide some history of the topic and some context for the reader by stating why the subject of this Special Issue is distinguishable from other closely related topics.

Provide an overview of the coverage by summarizing each paper in the order the papers appear.

Explain what has not been included in the issue, where additional information can be found on other related topics, and where research and future developments are headed.

Include acknowledgements if appropriate.

Include Guest Editors’ photographs and biographies.